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News Release

In partnership with AAVMC, AVE will offer Academic Veterinary Expert Credential

Text available on https://www.aavmc.org/news/american-association-of-veterinary-medical-colleges-partners-with-the-academy-of-veterinary-educators-to-offer-academic-veterinary-expert-credential/.


The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) has partnered with the Academy of Veterinary Educators (AVE) to create a global community for veterinary educators that includes the opportunity to pursue a formal credential that recognizes expert veterinary educators. Credentialed experts will be required to go through a rigorous application process and pass a written exam to obtain the Academy Certified Expert Educator credential.


An organizing committee formed AVE to recognize excellence and expertise in veterinary education by developing a rigorous credentialing process, providing veterinary medical education resources, supporting, and encouraging scholarship in veterinary medical education, and building a global community of practitioners. 


“The AVE and AAVMC share an aligned mission to promote the advancement of academic veterinary medicine. AAVMC welcomes the opportunity to promote the value of the AVE Educator credential to its membership,” says Dr. Andrew Maccabe, CEO of AAVMC.


AVE started as an informal organization that desired to form a community of practice focused on veterinary education. Its mission is to promote, advance, and recognize excellence in veterinary medical education. On track to increase membership globally, it comprises over five hundred enthusiastic members, including students, veterinary assistants, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians. In addition to the credential process, the AVE will offer research grants and a scholarship program, currently under development, for educators seeking additional training opportunities.


News release 07/11/2023